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What is a Document in MongoDB?

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Let's take a closer look at what documents are and how they're used to store data in a structured way.

A document is a way to organize and store data as a set of field-value pairs.

Just like the below object, where the field is a unique identifier for some data point, and the value is data related to a given identifier.

 <field> : <value>,
 <field> : <value>,
 "name"  : "Raju",
 "title" : "Team Leader",
 "age"   : "26"
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In this example, there is a field name, and the value is Raju.

We will look closer at documents and their structures once we get our hands on an actual data set.

But for now, this is a simple example of a document.

A collection would contain many documents similar to this one.

And a database would contain multiple collections.

In this post, I defined what document and collection mean in MongoDB.

In the next post, I will start querying collections for documents and interact with the database in general.

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