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Review/testimonial of Reach, compiler and deployment.

I had such an amazing experience working on the arbitrary sized tanda club project for the Decentralized Umoja Bounty hack 2021. I used the reach language to develop this particular project.
To make you understand things better, Reach is a domain specific language that lets you build decentralized applications. There exists a documentation that lets you dive in deeper and understand all the language specifics by providing an overview, tutorial, and a guide that lets you understand the overview and a workshop which builds on the tutorial.
I dived into blockchain programming as a complete beginner with no prior experience whatsoever. I had never ever written and deployed a decentralized application. I often wondered how I was going to actually make it especially since I had imagined the learning curve would take long. To my utter dismay, it turns out that it was quite the contrary because I was using the Reach language.
What impressed me the most is that this language is actually really easy to learn. Believe it or not within the first six hours of going through the tutorial I had already started grasping the basics of the language. In addition to this, I joined the discord community and interacted with a team of amazing experts and members of the community that would help me come up with solutions to the problems that I was facing.
Reach has a super amazing compiler which handles most of the tedious tasks unlike other languages. You don’t have to spend so much of your time building smart contracts as it automatically does that for you. In Reach, a programmer only needs to specify the actions of participants---what they do individually and what they do in unison. The Reach compiler automatically derives a contract for the consensus network via a connector that enforces these rules.
You also don’t have to hustle so much when it comes to matters related to the deployment of the applications. Since it has so many inbuilt functions and systems that help you with doing this. It is important to note that reach supports three network connectors which are Algorand, Ethereum and Conflux
Once you are ready to use reach, you have to download it to your machine and prepare to use make & docker. You could also check out my other article on reach basicsto understand the language in a much more efficient manner.

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Nice read. Reach is indeed quite powerful.