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Web Components: the Right Way. Project relaunch!

Web Components have been one of the most debatable sets of specifications so far. Someone called them "a broken promise", someone predicted that in 2018 they would still "lurk" waiting for interest from developers. The path of the Web Components towards the adoption was not strewn with roses.

Furthermore, this path was really long. It is now more than 7 years since the original ideas by Dimitri Glazkov and Alex Russell were demonstrated. Now, by the end of 2018, there are implementations in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. And Microsoft, including VSCode team, is working on it too.

There has been a lot of enthusiasm from the developers excited by the ideas of the componentized future. Early adopters appearing here and there were brave enough to use Web Components in production (and to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes). They were sharing the pain and the knowledge.

It was 4 years ago, 1 December 2014, when Sindre Sorhus pushed the commit to his "Awesome" list, updating it with the new items. Among the others, there was a new list called "Web Components: the Right Way" by Mateus Ortiz, created a few months before that, in October 2014.

The wave of hype which was about to start in 2014 failed, and there was a period of disbelief. Web Components did not make it to the browsers that fast, future was unclear, React conquered the minds – dramatic story, huh. At some point, the "Right Way" list became unmaintained for a long time.

So, now what, you ask me? You got it: Web Components: the Right Way is again bright and shiny – and so Web Components are! I'm happy to announce that from now on, as a collaborator and maintainer, I will do my best keeping the list up-to-date and adding awesome content.

And now, I need your help and the power of the community to make it even better. We need a centralized knowledge base for anyone learning how to build Web Components. And we can work on it together. Right not there are already links to specs, blog posts, and tutorials – expect more to come.

Apart from the "introduction" level blog posts, which can be found easily, we need the real use cases – not in the form of marketing buzz, as it sometimes happens. Instead of digging into framework-specific details, let's collect the best practices which can be used regardless of the specific stack.

If you are looking for the place to watch for what's going on with the Web Components, without following w3c issues, this repo is a good choice. Also, feel free to submit your issues, if you have some topics to discuss or items worth including to the list. And of course, PRs are welcome!

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Dominik Lubański

Great news! This repo is a worthy place on the web components stage. It definitely needs active contributor. I think it might be a good idea to move the repository to webcomponents organization. There is already something with a similar goal - Do you consider that?

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Serhii Kulykov

Thank you for the idea! I will contact the maintainers of the webcomponents organization and ask about that.

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Mattia Astorino • Edited

Hi @webpadawan , i can share with you an article that you may find interesting.