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RPA – The Future Of Business Process Automation

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Over time, the computer itself—whatever its form factor—will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your day. We will move from mobile first to an AI first world.” — Sundar Pichai, CEO Google

Introduction: Imagine your work being performed by a companion, in a shorter span of time, free of cost, without expecting any favour in return while requiring only space on your computer and processor. All you have to do is sit once and teach this friend your day to day work routine, and not just that, it's even capable of learning your work as you perform it. Did the term "learning" ring some bells there? Welcome to the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In this post we are going to deep dive into the most sought-after solution in the Analytic Industry for enhancing working practices with software robots through the use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). By the time you reach the end of this post, you'd be ready to download and install a bunch of free RPA tools and can start training your own bots, or as you may call them, 'virtual workforce companions'. So, let's get started!.

What is RPA?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is an emerging form of technology for clerical process automation. RPA is based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence or Software Robots. Software agents or RPA is becoming a mainstream topic at leading corporations. I have personally observed immense uptick in corporate strategy work in this discipline. Most of us are aware of Apple Siri, drones, driverless cars, Microsoft Cortana, IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, and Google DeepMind as they are mainstreams. What most folks are not aware of is the rapidly advancing field of enterprise robots, to transform business processes by enabling automation of manual working practices by creating a virtual workforce of Bots. This workforce enables automation of back office tasks through a rules based administrative process.

"Robotic process automation refers to a style of automation where machine, or computer mimics a human's action in completing rules-based tasks" - Blue Prism

RPA banks on the synchronicity of Machine Learning, Analytics and rules-based software to interpret and capture existing data streams for manipulating data, processing a transaction and communicating with other enterprise applications (Web Applications, ERP, HRMS, SCM, SFA, CRM etc.

Where is it required in the Industry?

RPA is already being used extensively in a wide range of industries to improve accuracy, consistency, quality and speed of service delivery. Let's explore some instances where these virtual workforce companions can add value:

(A) Automate rules based and data intensive activities: Cross-enterprise apps can be created by bringing different apps and tools in conjunction to solve a business problem. Intense data driven activities like procurement, HR, invoicing, billing, data scraping and compilation can all be automated.

(B) Interact with and learn from client's natural language interface in order to solve business problems and respond easily to handle of queries.

(C) Unite them all: Orchestrate other application software apps through existing user interfaces or APIs.

(D) Grab data from most painful unstructured sources of information: Text data inscribed in Tagged image files, unsearchable PDFs & images can all be extracted using the powerful OCR feature that comes packed with most RPA offerings..

Powerful tools available in the market to perform RPA:

Below is the list of some of the tools that are available in the marketplace:

A. WorkFusion - RPA Express

RPA Express is the only free market-ready RPA tool that combines all the essential components business users need to automate successfully, including:


To know more about WorkFusion and to get an evaluation copy, check out the link above.

B. Automation Anywhere

Why do 80% of business processes remain a resource burden?

Business process automation must be in the hands of your frontline. Only Automation Anywhere Enterprise combines consumer-like usability with enterprise-class reliability, and security for RPA that empowers your workforce to automate on their own, in real time.

To know more about Automation Anywhere and to get an evaluation copy, check out the link above.

C. Blue Prism

A quick, easy and intelligent way to successfully and repeatedly automate your business.

Identifying the right processes to automate can be a time-intensive and inaccurate process, yet keeping automation pipelines full is imperative to achieving maximum ROI and efficiencies for RPA investments.

To know more about Blue Prism and to get an evaluation copy, check out the link above.

D. UiPath

Enterprise Robotic Process Automation is the disruptive force in digital transformation. It is the obvious next big step in markets around the globe. Why is this happening? Because RPA is covering a widening range of enterprise processes and delivering more competitive advantages. Enterprise RPA delivers powerful outcomes at unlimited scale, helping companies become digital businesses faster and gain a valuable advantage on their path to AI.

To know more about UiPath and to get an evaluation copy, check out the link above.

E. OpenConnect

OpenConnect gives you the power to discover how your people and robots are currently getting the work done, identify the process (and problems) in your current workflow, and improve your operations with the right mix of digital and human workers.

To know more about OpenConnect and to get an evaluation copy, check out the link above.

End Notes:

I hope you now understand what RPA is, why all industry verticals are embracing this disrupting technology and you have got a glimpse of multiple RPA solutions out there in the market.

By now you should be able to download and play around with different RPA tools that we talked about. Although, these tools you can download will be trail versions, but you’ll surely get a hang of using RPA tools to perform fundamental automation activities. If you face any difficulties while downloading & installing them, feel free to write back to us.

Did you find this article helpful? Please share your opinions / thoughts. If you’re a business looking forward to get RPA solution/services or you’re building an automation practice & you need expert training assistance – you can reach out to us at to get further partnership and licensing related information.

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