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Weston Wedding
Weston Wedding

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Why do I even get follows?

I get a really steady stream of follows. All I've ever done is comment on articles here or there.

Why did you follow me, if you did? Some of them make sense, because they happened after specific interactions here.

It isn't that I mind; eventually I'll have content to share and drive you away with... but I don't make posts yet. Is there a bug in the "you might also be interested in..." recommendations?

Update: A comment by Peter offers a good explanation, if you have this question about your own followers.

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Douglas McKechie

I too would like to know this as I have never written a post, only commented on a few like this one and have a number of new people follow me every day. I think of it as a nice compliment, but do also wonder how the recommendations are made.

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Peter Kim Frank
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Weston Wedding

I think this aligns pretty well with when I feel like the upswing started, so this must be what's going on.

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Jess Lee
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Alex Fallenstedt

Because you're cool!