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What's your preferred method for inserting DOM elements in vanilla JS?

From <template> to template literals to the classic createElement(), what technique do you prefer to use when you need to take data, create DOM elements, and insert it into the DOM somewhere?

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John Kazer • Edited

I like pug and having started to learn functional programming I have discovered pug-vdom.

So now I build my logic and state then inject it into a pug template and apply the pug-vdom virtual DOM to update the DOM. Not sure if that still counts as vanilla JS though!

I guess is not really about inserting into the DOM either, as all nodes already exist in the template to begin with...

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Eugene Karataev

Handling complex DOM manipulations with vanillaJS is tough.
For simple cases I use createElement() and fullfill the element with innerHTML:

let title = 'DOM Manipulation';
let description = '🤔';
let el = document.createElement('div');
el.innerHTML = `