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What's one of the most frustrating moments you've had as a developer?

We've all had those times where we've spent hours toiling over the same code endlessly, trying to track down and debug a seemingly impossible and improbable issue.

What's made you want to pull your hair out, and optionally, what was the resolution? (and was it more frustrating discovering it?)

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Once before git one Junior worked on the same file on the dev environment we used ftp... And he kept ovveriteing my code... Took me half a day to figure it out why isn't working...

Also more recent, when "senior" devs are refusing to try new technologies

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Amara Graham

Learning a new API.

In this most recent case, the API devs chose not to ignore trailing slashes. No mention of that anywhere, and seeing as I don't develop APIs myself, I mostly consume them, I never thought this would be an issue as I didn't realize in some frameworks its a setting/flag.

I typically play around with an API in Postman or Advanced Rest Client, start with a simple GET, work my way to something more interesting. This particular API was a new Beta version, using OAuth 2 (new for me at the time), and I was under a tight timeline. All of these things together led to me not paying as close of attention as I usually do.

It looked something like this:

GET /products/item would work fine
GET /products/item/ would fail with what looked like an auth error
GET /products would work fine
GET /products/ would fail with what looked like an auth error

So the pattern looks obvious here, but not so much when I'm just firing off calls in various tabs trying to get things to work and suddenly it looks like my token is invalid.

Absolutely maddening. Now I'm always VERY careful, almost paranoid, about trailing slashes.

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Philip Hallstrom

Product wanted us to add functionality to prevent right-click so users couldn't download images/video/etc. We told them this was impossible. If the user can see it on the screen they can download it (in some form). We'd have entire meetings about it. It would die off only to get raised again a few months later. Drove me crazy.

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Molly Struve (she/her)

HA! I just had one a couple days ago!

I have spent the last 2 months moving all of our scheduled background jobs from Resque to Sidekiq. This past week I finished moving all of the jobs over to Sidekiq and it was time to rip out the Resque scheduler. I removed it in the morning and it felt so good deleting all that old code! The rest of the day things looked great.

The next day, I found out that another separate application needed the Resque scheduler running so I had to put all of the code back. I was so bummed that despite moving all the jobs we still couldnt get rid of our dependency on the Resque scheduler. I was also frustrated that I had spent an entire day removing all the code, and then had to spend an entire day putting it back. Nothing frustrates me more than wasted time. 😝

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We have this with Drupal, our company bult as a Drupal agency... But that is not good for everything..

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My point of view as well, but hey they are not seniors bc of their knowladge they just doing the same for a long time...

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Build a SPA using AngularJS