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Developing a Personal Budgeting App Using Android Studio & Firebase.

Hello coders! A study has shown that less than 45% of people around the globe are financially literate. Managing our finaces is not as easy as we may think, as many people spend their money on things that are not important, while neglecting important ones.. Due to that, I have decided to create a personal budgeting application, that allows users to set a monthly budget of various items. Users then record their expenses every time they spend on something, say buying food from a restaurant. Users will record their expenditure, every time they spend on something. The application uploads that information into the firebase realtime database, and retrives it to the user, on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The app then provides analytics of user's expenditure, also on daily, weekly and monthly expenditure, showing the total expenditure on each item, and the percentage of that as compared to what was set on the budget. The application also places this information on a pie chart, to give the user a nice graphical representation of their expenditure. Finally, the application set flags, of red, brown and green, depending on the percentage of the expenditure to the set budget of every item and also the total monthly budget. If the expenditure is less than 50%, a flag of green is set, else if the expenditure is between 50% and 99%, a flag of brown is set. A flag of red is set when the expenditure is 100% of the budget or more.

What you will learn.

  1. XML - using xml to create beautiful UIs that offer excellent user experience.
  2. Java programming language.
  3. Firebase.
  4. Graphical data representation in android. And many more.

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