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Hospital Management System With Android Studio

Hello, I created a simple hospital Management System with android studio and Firebase as the backend service. The app is not as complex, but it allows login and registration of patients and doctors, booking appointments, canceling appointments(in the case of a doctor), an admin that manages users of the app, and a notification module that enables users to be notified when some action is performed by another user that may affect a given user, for example incase a doctor cancels an appointment, the patient gets notified. I have created video tutorials on how to make this app, to help anyone out there with there school project or just to kill boredom! Lol!

Tools used
Android Studio (Java + XML)
Firebase (Backend service)

Source Code
Available in GitHub.

The videos can be found in WilltekSoftwares YouTube channel.

Happy Coding!

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Mike Myne

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