I will post your project to 100 websites

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Hi, in my newest experiment I'll do all the work for you and post your project to 100 startup-websites like GeekWire, AlternativeTo, WebWiki and so on. You only have to provide your information once and I'll do the rest. For verification purposes you'll receive the welcome emails from those sites and screenshots from me (of every submission).

You don't even need to create a single account (not even on my website)! https://launchpropeller.com/

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I'm curious what the intention is behind this. WHY are you sharing people's projects on 100 different websites? What are you expecting or getting in return?

Please don't take this as thinking you have bad intentions, I just like to see all sides of things. I'd love to hear more about the experiment!


Hey Rachel, I've had the list of over 100 websites and tried to post my own project to all of them and I realized it's quite a daunting task, I ended up sharing my project only to a handful of sites. Then I thought people might pay money for a service like that.


Oh so you're testing it out before turning it into a paid service? That's a great idea!


Are you very, very sure you're complying with the terms of these sites? GeekWire's terms at the very least prohibit commercial use without prior authorization from them, creating accounts automatically, transferring access, and acting on behalf of others, some or all of which it sounds like you're doing. There are all but certainly others which have similar or stricter terms; and violating them doesn't just make trouble for you, it damages your users' reputations as well since they're authorizing you to act on their collective behalf.


I see it more like a data entry task, all the data I enter is from the users project (for example their twitter handle) and I enter their email addresses, so newsletters etc really arrive at the project owners email address. But you might be right, I'm not very very sure...

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