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Wiz Lee
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Netlify deployment + About Section

Great news! At least for myself 😉.

In my previous post, my goal for this next update is to get the Netlify deployment working. That is done, together with the About Section as shown in the cover image above.

The about section now briefly introduce myself (of course it did 🤷‍♂️), has a link to my resume PDF, and the motivations behind creating the portfolio site.

This update is the first update that I didn't push any changes to Github. All update done in this post is via the Contentful CMS, including my profile picture. There's still much more other features to explore in Contentful, including an auto deploy in Netlify if there's any content published. I believe that is achievable via webhook. Though, that's a lower priority item as of now.

Next up, adding my existing projects in the project section! One of them is my old static site which is now live at

Adding a liquid tag of my previous post because it looks cool 😎

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