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Wiz Lee
Wiz Lee

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Migrate to Netlify from Github Page Custom Domain is official archived! It's now using the Github page instead of

The steps are as briefly documented as follows:

  1. Remove all Github page ALIAS and CNAME records from my web registrar site.
  2. Remove custom domain from github page setting and then making sure the usual github page link is active.
  3. Add custom domain in my existing Netlify project.
  4. Get the nameservers for the Netlify DNS zones and add them into my registrar site as custom DNS nameserver.
  5. Verify in my site's domain setting that the new site DNS is configured successfully and the SSL cert propagated.

The reasons for migrating are:

  1. to utilize Netlify features such as deploy preview, functions, etc for future projects.
  2. to temporarily use private Github repo to host a static site before publishing the source code to prevent exposing keys or other sensitive information.

During this migration there's downtime of the site, even after the SSL cert and DNS verification is done in Netlify. My assumption for this is the Time To Live(TTL) value of the Github DNS/CDN cache. May be someone from the community can help to verify my assumption? 😉

Next up, adding this archive site as one of the projects in my live portfolio site. Stretch goal - automatically publish my latest posts onto the site using GraphQL query!

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Christian Kozalla

Hey Wiz Lee, this sound quite interesting to me, because I switched domain names from my blog yesterday to - I bought a new domain name on namecheap, but the site's hosting and DNS stayed at vercel. I experienced something that I thought was downtime at first, but then I flushed my local DNS cache with ipconfig/flushdns then I noticed my site was live on the new domain before 😄

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Wiz Lee

Hey Christian Kozalla, nice tips on clearing the local DNS cache 👍 I wasn't thinking towards that approach and ended up only trying on different devices. The clearing of local DNS cache should at least enable me to access my site on PC.