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Mainly lo-fi beats or anything that doesn't have vocals. Chillhop on Spotify and Youtube is great for that!


Hey cool it's another music post :D

I haven't been listening to music while coding much recently, but the last time I did it a lot, I was into Exapunks soundtrack. The other Zachtronics games also have excellent soundtracks, but that one's narrowly my favorite.


Nujabes and retro gaming soundtracks like this.


I listen to inspirational songs especially Lauren Daigle


Metal (mostly power metal) and rap (Serbian and American old school).


Mostly metal(symphonic, alternative, Nu), as well as old hip-hop


I listen to Spotify's Discover Weekly. Songs that I'm already familiar with make me loose my concentration


Chopin and Mozart usually get me going, otherwise I also love a quiet room - a few birds chirping outside also gives me so much focus.