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Introducing Dank Neon, a new open source code theme!

wuz profile image Conlin Durbin ・1 min read

Hello friends! I have an exciting new project to share with you! For the past few months, a friend and I have been tweaking and refining Dank Neon, a new editor theme for lovers of neon!

We are working hard to get the community built out and would love any input and contributions that you have! The whole project is open source and you can find it here on Github. I'll be spending some time soon to set up some good first issues and making a list of next steps! Here are some screenshots of Dank Neon in action:

dank neon for vs code

Dank Neon for VS Code

dank neon for iterm

Dank Neon for iTerm

dank neon for sublime

Dank Neon for Sublime Text

What do you think about the theme? What do you like? What do you hate? What tools should we look at adding the theme to?

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😍😍 Is anyone looking at bringing this to Atom? I'm down to help!


Sent you a PR with the basic style set.

As the “non-editor“ UI bits are separated from the syntax theme in Atom, I'll also be making an UI theme, to have those styled accordingly. 😉

Current look


Will check it out! Great job Conlin 👌


Yes I'd like to see this on atom as well :)


I'll get a repo up for this!


What about JetBrains (Android Studio, IdeaIC, PyCharm, etc)? Would be willing to help out with that.


I'll get a repo up, if someone wants to start it!


Looks nice, but a status bar on the bottom is too bright, would be easier on eyes if darker, like on a sublime.


I agree! I need to spend some time tweaking the various settings!


I was going to say the same thing.

Maybe make it the same color as the currently open tab/file? Would help with making the theme feel more consistent.

Good idea! I'll have to play around with that! Or feel free to push a PR! :D


Fixed this! Now it is all themed with Dank Neon colors!


Oh, I really like the VS Code theme there, Conlin~

Would you have a plan to create a Hyper.js theme by chance?


I went ahead and made a repo for it - I'll look into creating the theme, but if you are interested in doing it feel free to make a PR!



Wow thanks a bunch. That is hyper dank 😉


For sure! We could definitely get that! Or, if you would be interested, you can make it and we can add it! I don't mind creating one, but this is also an open source project! :D


Hey, I made a personal Firefox theme based on Dank Neon (tried to follow the spirit of it using the same colors). Would you be okay if I published it, or should I link you to it so you can?


Go for it! If you want to publish the code, that would be awesome!


I just used firefox color haha. Here's a quick link to the colors I did: fossurl.ml/#whwn5

Edit: Here it is on the Firefox add-on marketplace: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/a...

Looks good! If you have code sometime, let me know and I'll get you a repo!


How did you get the iterm title bar to not show in the screenshot?


Sweet thanks Conlin! Also p.s. kinda surreal to see some people on here I remember from school hah... hope all is well!

Haha I have the same thing with @dangolant and @milkstarz . I love seeing comments and posts from people I know! Hope things are good with you too!


This breaks my Markdown syntax highlighting 😢


I will be working on this soon!

It's done! The marketplace version should have basic markdown highlighting now! Let me know what you like/don't like. It can be tweaked

Yay! I’m going to get it now! Rad theme. Really like it!


I would love to see a light version… 🤞🏻


I'm in the planning stages on this! Gotta figure out all the colors and how they should work!


Can we get this ported over to prism.js? I'd like to use it on my blog. Thanks!


Just started using this in VS Code.

Why did you not show off the light theme. ❤️ 'ing it hard right now.


Haha it is still "in beta". I need to do some more work on it, but I am super glad you like it! Be sure to open an issue on Github if there are things you want changed!


It reminds me (in a good way) of the Tower Control UI in the 2nd (?) Matrix movie.

Other than some spacing issues, it looks great.

Awesome! Let me know what the spacing issues are! I'll for sure work on fixing them.


How do you convert the tmtheme file to json file for VS Code?
Thank you!


You can just install Dank Neon from the Extensions panel in VS Code, unless you really want to install yourself!


Thank you pal! It's a really confy theme! :)


I'll buy a Mac when it's possible. Because all themes look great with Mac.

Thanks for sharing. It looks good on VSCode on my Ubuntu.


I like it! Reminds me of Sarah Drasner's Night Owl theme, which is a good thing!

Gonna give it a try for the next weeks.


I love the lavender and green main colors 😍! In VS Code the theme looks neat!


It looks really nice but I miss some screenshots showing any other languages than HTML, like JS, Python, or whatever you use. HTML on it's own is a bad language to show a theme imho.


It's cool!
I will add it to my personal list of the top themes for VS Code.


What font are you using in vscode?


That is Dank Mono! We actually started the theme to make one that looked great with the font!