Introducting RunCLI

wuz profile image Conlin Durbin ・1 min read

I just released the first version of a new little tool called RunCLI.

RunCLI let's you easily share commands with a URL. It's really basic right now - just paste a command in the textbox and click "Create". The main use case is for apps like Twitter, where sharing a medium-sized CLI command is difficult to do well.

Here is an example with a Git command:


I probably won't add a lot more to this, but I'd love to know what you would like to see it do!


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Nice! I really like tools like this.

It might be nice if the service could automatically scrape the input text for its validity and possibly offers additional info of the different commands.

git, git log, etc. could all be defined and explained in the above. Along with any alerts that the command could be potentially dangerous, like if it starts with sudo.


There is a site that does something similar! Could be cool to link to it for each part of the command!



Alright! It now includes a link to explain your command!

Nice! I feel like this is helpful in differentiating from a gist/pastebin type things.

Love the concept, love the domain name. It's the kind of thing that needs ongoing iteration because it's all about convenience which is a hard nut to crack.

Thanks! 😀 I definitely want to keep working on it!


Interesting, so this would be like a Github gist? Or am I missing something?


Like a gist, but way lighter. Basically for when you just want to share a terminal command without all the overhead of creating a gist or a pastebin. They aren't saved anywhere, just encoded in a sharable URL.


Oh I like that! I would try to make them return the html code for when they're embedded though. That way instead of your reader seeing the URL they can see the actual cli command. That's my two cents.

Like it very much!