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What books do you want to read next year?

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Hey DEVers! As we go into 2019, I am reviewing my to-read list.

Here are a few of my top picks that I am going to hop into soon:

What books do you want to read next year?

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  • Category theory for programmers - by Bartosz Milewski
  • Introduction to algorithms - by Cormen, Leisserson, Rivest and Stein
  • Mythos - by Stephen Fry

As for the technical books:

First I'd like to finish "The Complete Guide to Rails Performance" by Nate Berkopec

Later I plan to read a couple of the bigger books like:

  • "Working Effectively with Legacy Code", Michael Feathers
  • "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture", Martin Fowler

Another one on the software architecture: "Release It!" by Michael Nygard

And a couple of others, that wait for a long time in my reading list:

  • "Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks" by Paul Butcher
  • "Ruby Under a Microscope" by Pat Shaughnessy

I picked up Progressive Web Apps in both ePub and paper. It's more from the design side, when I need the developer side, but it is giving me context that's already helped, and once I have the code together, I'll go back and get some of the UX aspects together.


Technical Books

  1. Automating with Node.js - To learn to create a cross-platform automation jobs.
  2. Progressive Web Apps - A book mentioned by @jacoby. To learn how to provide a seemless offline native-feel application.
  3. Accessibility for Everyone - A synergetic (buzzword ⚠) book with the PWA book.
  4. Head First Design Patterns & Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture - To communicate effectively with other devs.
  5. The Road to GraphQL - What's the deal with GraphQL?


  1. How to Win Friends & Influence People in the Digial Age - A revised version of, How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  2. Homo Deus - A follow up of Sapiens, which discussed a history of "humans/sapiens". This sequel will provide an insight into where humanity is moving toward.
  3. How Google Works - I read Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) this year and wanted to learn about Google this time.
  4. Principles by Ray Dalio - To understand philosophy behind one of the world's wealthiest person.


  1. Seveneves - Found it via Gate's notes, The Day the Moon Blew Up. Interesting πŸ‘.
  2. Children of Time - Dropped this book a quarter into it, but will read again.
  3. The Sun Also Rises - Dropped after 10 pages as I was lost πŸ˜… but will read again.
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