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Denis Sedchenko
Denis Sedchenko

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Improving Go playground

Greetings, Go devs.

I often find myself thinking that I often encounter a situation when I need to do some small prototyping (playing with goroutines, etc) and Go's playground often is faster solution than a dedicated IDE window. Unfortunately is very primitive ( is better but not much), so I've decided to try to create something a bit better.

A few months ago decided to try to create a better version of Go playground that will have a small valuable set of features that make prototyping comfortable enough, such as basic code autocomplete (stdlib only supported), syntax check, snippets and examples. Also as Go in WebAssembly trend starts to grow, WebAssembly support was added.

In addition, user can customize the editor by enabling font ligatures, selecting editor font and some other small subset of options.

I would like to know your opinion and get some feedback.

Source Code - (contribution is appreciated)

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Oluwatobi • Edited

Hey Denis, I just check out it's amazing! Great job!!