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Underrated Articles on from Last Week

Hey fellow devs !

Every day thousands of articles are published on dev platforms, and sometimes, amidst that chaos, some quality articles go unnoticed.

Underrated Articles on - is a series, focused on giving the spotlight πŸ”¦πŸ”¦ to these articles.

Every week, we will try to bring those articles on the table, that delivered undeniably good content - but remained in the shadow :(

We begin the list with this week's -

Top 5 underrated articles you must read :-


1. 'this' keyword in JavaScript

Admit it, 'this' keyword in JavaScript is something we all struggle with 😣. Read this article by Debajit to get your concept clearer, and get done with 'this' 😎

2. Visual Studio Code Snippets

Visual Studio Code has become the first preference for developers all around the globe; No doubt it is the best editor out there. Here is an amazing article by Saransh to boost your productivity with VS CODE.

3. Ways to Fix Coding Burnout

Burnout grows slowly and can take hold of our life by causing worsening feelings of physical/emotional fatigue. So, it's very important to take breaks πŸŒžπŸŒ„ and not to let things happen to you. In this article, Cory noted his keen observations and fixed coding burnouts.

4. Essential Javascript Array Methods

JavaScript arrays are really important in modern JS. Read this article by Kapeel kokane and up your JavaScript game πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

5. Fantastic Four Git Shortcuts

Github is a really powerful tool that can enhance your productivity, as well as your teams' - if utilized properly. Here is an amazing article by Ben, explaining his workflow of Git.

That's all for this week! These were our personal favorite underrated posts from last week, and we hope you liked them. Tell us about your favorite posts that went underrated in the comments below! ❀️

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relativelyrehan • Edited

Glad you include an article about mental health and burnout. It's important we should read and discuss mental health and work for an healthy working atmosphere for everyone πŸ˜‡βœŒ

manpreet profile image
Manpreet virk

Thanks, Rehan😊 Kudos to Cory πŸŽ‰for writing on this topic.

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Monika Roy


manpreet profile image
Manpreet virk


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Pawan Pawar

Good post!

manpreet profile image
Manpreet virk

Thanks, Pawan😊