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Day 11/100, 100 Days of Code

Day 11, back to arrays! I'm slightly confused but starting to retain more information. This is good. Today I learned about nested objects and creating arrays of objects. I also learned how to access these objects.

I'm actually starting to really like how clean the code looks when you write it in object form (don't know if that's the correct terminology).

anyway here's one of the objects I stored into a variable.

const capFave = spaceship.crew.captain['favorite foods'][0];

Interest is growing on me for javascript. I haven't given up yet!

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Keep it up. Arrays got me confused at a point but with every lesson that brings it up, I press on and learn a thing or two. We will get there.

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thank you! and I know the feeling. Arrays is a tough one. I still haven't understood those all the way yet.