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Omayeli Arenyeka
Omayeli Arenyeka

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Make music with your facial expressions

I'm currently at a program called the Recurse Center (which feel free to ask me about, it's great and meant for people who want to become better programmers!)

They encourage pairing, so for the last couple of weeks I paired with okay to make Face the Music which allows you to make music with your facial expressions and then record it as a webm file!

Face the Music
It uses:

It's very experimental and I think should be a finalist for most javascript libraries used in a project. Anywayyy you can remix it on glitch:

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Ben Halpern

Oh I didn't know you were doing Recurse! How are you liking it? I'm very intrigued by it but don't know a whole lot about it even though it's right here in New York.

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Omayeli Arenyeka

I like it a lot! It's nice to have a space to work on your own stuff but having the equivalent of stack overflow in the same room as you, willing to answer your questions. I've done a lot of pairing, which I usually don't do and learnt a lot as a result. This project happened because someone saw a syllabus I posted for my time here, came by my desk and asked me if I wanted to work on something with face detection + music.

tl;dr it's great.

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Love the app name!