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Weekly Check-In #1: Onboarding Period

The last three weeks were an onboarding time for all interns in the GSoC, and today 7th June is starting the coding phase. Although I don't have experience in writing blogs, sometimes all that we need is to take a leap of faith 😊 so, I will be recording my experience and status on a series of blog posts. Follow me on this journey and I hope that you enjoy it.

What did you do these weeks?

During these weeks I was working on getting familiarized with the Runestone library, and the Playwright library. The first one is a tool to create interactive books in different languages, Python in this case 👍, and the last one is a tool to create automated end-to-end tests on web apps.

In addition, during the onboarding period I had two meetings with the mentors and the entire team, in the first one we met each other and talked about the status of the project, and the mentor merged all PR's that we had created during the application period.

The second meeting with the mentors was more technical and it helped to coordinate how we are going to work on our tasks and schedule bi-weekly meetings following the Scrum methodology. For this, I split my initial proposal into issues and milestones using Github, and for making all organized I put them in a Github project board as well.

What is coming up next?

In the first month of the coding period, I am going to work on my first milestone. More specifically in the next week, I am going to work to fix the current bugs on quizzes, adding an end-to-end test to ensure that everything is ok.

Testing Code meme

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Not yet, but if this happens I am going to find on the internet solutions and talk with my mentors 😅 and find solutions on the Internet.

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