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Yu Yamashiro
Yu Yamashiro

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How do I upload images to

Anybody tell me, how do I upload images to

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Andy Zhao (he/him) • Edited on

Hey!'s editor uses Markdown, and you can use the Markdown format to insert images:
![alt text for accessibility](example-link-here.png)

We have two ways of uploading images.

Here's an example for an article:
button for article image upload

For commenting, you can use this button:
button for comment image upload

And then use the link that shows up to put into the Markdown editor:
article image upload link example

Or for comments:
comment image upload link example

You can read more in our editor guide.

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Yu Yamashiro Author

Oh! I had not notice 'upload button'.
Thank you for teaching me in detail !!

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Pierre-Henry Soria ✨

If you want your image to be the post's cover image, use cover_image: following by your image URL in the --- meta tags section.

Upload image as cover image of a post

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Aaron K Saunders

where do you find the list of images you uploaded? I uploaded a bunch in a row and now I need the links to embed in post?

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Margarita Krutikova

Has something changed since then? I can't find a way to upload an image here. Is it supposed to be hosted externally?
Would really appreciate any help!

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Muzammil Ahmed Khan

you can add image like this in Markdown editor:
![alt text] (link-of-image-from-git-hub-repsosi..., "alt text here")