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Getting into Digital Humanities II

This article will focus solely on my Eye Tracking course I mentioned in the previous articles.

Eye Tracking

As announced I wanted to research participants looking at a variety of websites to watch them carefully for accessibility.

Working with the stationary eye tracker

The participant sits down on a chair in front of a screen where the stationary eye tracker is installed. The camera in front of the participant scans both eyes. The eyes have to follow a black dot on a white screen in order to adjust the eye tracker.

When everything was set up, 10 different websites were randomized shown in the experiment, the display duration was limited to 20 seconds, which means about 60-80 fixations in total.


Afterwards there was a questionnaire to answer. That means the
websites were all printed out in A4 and numbered in a separate room, so that after the test the participants could look over them again and answer a few questions.

First came general questions, like if the participant knows what web accessibility is, how they would describe web accessibility with keywords, followed by specific questions about each site as well as that they should rank the sites, after the 3 most accessible websites.

The image shows the eye tracker, as well as the data software on the screen. A website is currently under evaluation, showing a heat map.

A heat map means that it shows where participants were looking at the website within the 20 seconds. Green areas are areas where participants did not look that long, yellow areas show a more longer fixation and red ones were the ones, participants were looking the longest.

At the moment I am in the evaluation phase, I will create a graph with Python (still have to decide which framework to use for this) to display the results in a nice clear and well structured way.

I am very excited about the final result, which I have to present to the group in the last lesson.

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