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I'm a big fan of to do, doing, and done when I'm not sure where to start.


This is the best answer. Then eventually you organically add on as time goes. Now I have "wont do" and "bugs" and "wishlist"


I used to have add more lists like "Wishlist" or "Research" but I found that the more lists I had, the more unnecessary and useless things I would dump into the board. Eventually my board would get out of control and my anxiety over the project would skyrocket.

I found keeping the bare minimum ("To Do", "In Progress", "Done") helped sharpen my focus. I capture other things in a separate place (for me, a Notion page) and move them to my "To Do" list when it's ready and I'm certain I'll work on it.

Do you pay for Notion or just use the free version?

Currently I'm paying for Notion. I've found it extremely useful in the past year, keeping a lot of my personal and work-related plans there. The flexibility it provides has helped me keep things organized better than just about any tool I used before.

The only thing I need to be careful with is using it as a dumping ground for everything. Putting too much stuff makes it difficult to organize and search for what you need the most. The company I work for uses Notion as well and it's really difficult to find anything because of the sheer amount of content everyone has poured into the account.

What do you get out of it that you cant get from Trello (free), Google Keep, and other free services?

Just the fact that I have everything important to me in one service instead of multiple services. It makes it much easier for me to organize and search, and I know where everything is.

You can use all sorts of free services and get more out of all of them combined. Personally, I don't do well having things scattered all over the place. Things tend to get lost and abandoned, or I can't find something when I need it the most.


Hi Yuri,

Here's an example Trello board (trello.com/b/SzRG41aF/agile-sprint...) I made for a simple Recipe Books project (github.com/sophi-li/cookbook).

My process for making a Trello board is:

  1. Decide my project
  2. Make Trello board for project
  3. Break down Trello board sections with: backlog, in progress, and completed
  4. Define my minimum viable product (MVP) features and nice to have features.
  5. Make a card for each of the features with their respective MVP or nice to have label.
  6. Move the cards into their respective sections as I progress along the project.
  7. Hopefully, eventually all cards will be in the completed section.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


On my board there would be Backlogs, In progress, Review, Testing, Done.

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