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Yuri Alves
Yuri Alves

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It feels so good to finally release a product.

Hey Devs

Link to PH:
Link to Website:

💬 The Story
For years I have been trying to start and run many startups but I don't really have much knowledge to keep them running or getting them off the ground. So I seek out tips from other founders. However, I find out that there is no central place to find such tips. So I built StarTips, so that everyone can get useful tips from founders all around the world.


  • Create accounts
  • Community Driven
  • Ability to submit Tips
  • List of resources

🛠Upcoming Features:

  • Contact forum
  • More tips
  • Different types of tips
  • Tips will be searchable and filterable
  • More resources coming to the list

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ogfris profile image

Idk about that one chief, nah more seriously this ideas seems good but a little bit too "flat", try making it more useful than just advises because people would rather follow the experience of someone than a advice. Here you go, try making success stories and make them easier and fun to read to attract readers.

yuriguernsey profile image
Yuri Alves

Thank you for the feedback, That is a good idea. I might see what I can do in that sort of direction.

ryan profile image

Congrats on your release!

I would suggest using a darker color for the text on the speech bubbles though. Your blue on white has a contrast ratio of 2.35 -- hard to read in certain circumstances (imagine a phone in the light, or someone without perfect vision), and well below the accessibility standard of 4.5.

You can use or the element inspector in Chrome to check

yuriguernsey profile image
Yuri Alves

Oh I never noticed that. Thank you very much I will be sure to fix this, and thank you for the handy tool. I will be most certainly use it from now on

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Ben Halpern


yuriguernsey profile image
Yuri Alves

Thank you very much