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It feels so good to finally release a product.

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Hey Devs

Link to PH:
Link to Website:

💬 The Story
For years I have been trying to start and run many startups but I don't really have much knowledge to keep them running or getting them off the ground. So I seek out tips from other founders. However, I find out that there is no central place to find such tips. So I built StarTips, so that everyone can get useful tips from founders all around the world.


  • Create accounts
  • Community Driven
  • Ability to submit Tips
  • List of resources

🛠Upcoming Features:

  • Contact forum
  • More tips
  • Different types of tips
  • Tips will be searchable and filterable
  • More resources coming to the list
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Idk about that one chief, nah more seriously this ideas seems good but a little bit too "flat", try making it more useful than just advises because people would rather follow the experience of someone than a advice. Here you go, try making success stories and make them easier and fun to read to attract readers.


Thank you for the feedback, That is a good idea. I might see what I can do in that sort of direction.


Congrats on your release!

I would suggest using a darker color for the text on the speech bubbles though. Your blue on white has a contrast ratio of 2.35 -- hard to read in certain circumstances (imagine a phone in the light, or someone without perfect vision), and well below the accessibility standard of 4.5.

You can use or the element inspector in Chrome to check


Oh I never noticed that. Thank you very much I will be sure to fix this, and thank you for the handy tool. I will be most certainly use it from now on

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