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Recommend some apps/websites that are great when launching a product

recommend some apps or website that you use or recommend when launching your product

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Daniel Starner

The following is in terms of deployment, because that's usually where I find the most trouble.

If I need something fast, I usually deploy something to Heroku. Usually in those cases its just to Proof of Concept something, or it isn't critical, but it allows me to deploy a fresh app in like 10 minutes, and then easily iterate changes over it, while giving a minimally configured deployment environment.

If its something bigger, but still doesn't require too much compute power, my go to cloud computing platform is DigitalOcean.

I always put my websites behind CloudFlare, because their free caching product is just too good to resist. It also actually helps fight the fact that free-tiered Heroku apps need to sleep a certain amount of time daily.

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Jess Lee (she/her)

Not sure if you mean launch as in deployment, but I would check out Product Hunt for announcements! And of course, post on DEV with the #showdev tag :)

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Yuri Alves Author

I meant releasing your product to the public.
And thank you for tip