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Write and deploy blogs in seconds with comments support

A few days ago I wrote my first blog and wanted to make a website for it. So I made one using Next.js and MDX. While making it I got an idea. What if you could just write a blog in github and it will appear automatically in a website. So I did just that. created a Github app which listens for push events and automatically updates the website, and also added comments support using giscus

This blog will teach you how to set it up.

First create a repository. its need to public, then go the website and log in with github. then pick the repo u created, and install the app, and there you go - u can see your blog here -<github_username>


You can add attributes like this

  - title: Blog Title
  - dsc: Blog Description
  - date: 2022-06-01 # year-month-day format (ISO 8601)
  - meta:
    - title: Meta Title
    - description: Meta Description
    - image: Meta Image
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Make sure to add --- after the attributes (even if there are no attributes)


Now at the bottom of the blog u might see an error

giscus not installed on this repository
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This is because giscus is not set up

First install the giscus app then enable discussion on the repository (Settings > Scroll Down > Enable Discussion). After that go back to the blogs and You should see the comments.

If you like this app you considering starring ⭐ the repo

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katafrakt profile image
Paweł Świątkowski

Huh, I didn't know about giscus. I think it's pretty cool, better than utterances. Thanks for showing that example.

yxsh profile image
Yash • Edited

My pleasure :)

yxsh profile image

this project is abandoned (I took down the backend)... because no one used it