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Daniele Fontani
Daniele Fontani

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Implement Event Sourcing With MongoDB

The Event Sourcing approach is an emerging pattern for building new architectures based on microservices. The advantages of this approach are too many to be listed, but I will try to share the most important:

  • decoupled systems
  • real-time changes (in the meaning that I do not have to wait for - a scheduled job that moves data)
  • separation of responsabilities

This approach gained a very huge usage since we moved on to microservices and we need some approach to notify all the architectural parts on data changes.

It is possible to enable event-sourcing patterns without touching your application codebase?

My answer is yes, and you will find all the details in this article.

In this article, we will discover in deep what Event Sourcing is and how to implement it by using MESS, a simple tool that connects directly to MongoDB and reacts to data changes. This approach is very similar to what happens with triggers on traditional RDBMS but asynchronous and with a workload that’s outside the system, so there isn’t any overload of the database.

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