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Python New Project Ideas Discussion

Are you a software developer or just a thinker or innovator?

How many times you are searching for collaborator or contributor for your project ideas and you don't find them?

Well, you are in the right place!

I create this post to discuss new project ideas in Python language and to find teammate for them!

You can post comment for propose you ideas, then in the comment can be discussed new ideas or actively partecipate to the start of the project.

If the idea is good will be added in the last part of this post to give more prominence to the project.

If you comment with a github repos, the link will be added in the project description.

I wish this can be helpful for open-source world.
Thank you in advance for your partecipation.

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Python is a very popular programming language and it has been used for developing a variety of applications. Also from here you can get reviews to solve your problems easily. It enables the user to write all kinds of programs, which include web applications, graphical user interface-based applications, software development applications, network programming, games and 3D applications and other business applications.

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Clare Devlin

I am new to python, I was thinking of building a system to calculate the amount of coffee that can be dispensed from a coffee machine based on regular customer demands, using presets. But we might also need to organize coffee syrup Ireland the presets in order to make the system effective. We need to Survey and analyze data and the system must also be able to analyze data and make presets of its own.