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Zorex Salvo
Zorex Salvo

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Vue.js, I choose you!

Some time ago...

I was really overwhelmed by the enormous world of javascript. I was taken aback the very moment I dipped my foot in it.

Can you imagine? For almost two years, I am in-denial that I do not need to learn javascript or atleast try writing scripts with it. In my defense, I finished my thesis and graduated on college by just relying on how C# passes the data to the template and by just using the default javascript files from the templates, boilerplates, and frontend frameworks, as is. Lucky me, the task that I got on the first job that I landed is to create a WEB API. Everything is server side so I didn't have to do anything that concerns frontend development (I slipped through the inevitable again). But.... later on after finishing that project, I was asked to create a webtool for it, with dashboard, stats, etc. For a moment, I thought I can get away with it without writing any Javascript again. I thought Django template will be enough, I was wrong, I wasn't ready, but I have a task to finish. From that moment, I thought to myself, "You need to learn javascript, you need it!".

But before that...

I did what some of you, did too. To search for the very best js framework like no one ever was. [Search Google | top javascript 2017]

I wanna be the very best

Based on that search keyword the top javascript frameworks for 2017 Q2 are ... *drum rolls* Angular, React, Ember, Meteor, Vue, and many more. Everyone has their own top tier JS Frameworks. For me, I just need to get started. So I picked the easiest one that would get me hooked easily. With so many blogs and articles for each of the frameworks, I already have these keywords in mind as I was skimming the articles and blogs: EASY and SIMPLE. So maybe you already know now why Vue.js, I choose you!.

Easy and Simple

For me as a beginner, those words are like a magnet. So I chose it right away. It is very much enough to get me started.


The very first thing that I did with vuejs is to create a Todo application. I found a step-by-step video tutorial of it on youtube:Academind. It was very fun. I didn't imagine that coding with frontend would be very fun and easy. But to be honest, with that video tutorial (<1 hour), with so many magics and all and I was clueless how vue did all of that, I didn't learn much, but my takeaway is I got to experience the awesomeness of Vue.

Since I was really hyped, I just continued my studying and experimenting. I started from the start. Code scripts on jsfiddle, learned about the directives, dom interactions, list rendering, and conditions. After I learned all the basics, I created a simple CRUD application called ideya, a repository of my ideas. My blog also have bits of vuejs in it.

I wanna be the very best

I was really proud of myself after I finished this simple project. But I'm not still satisfied with my skills in Vue. As I am skimming through the documentations, I read about the vue-cli, webpack, components, and many more. I'm not stopping here. There are still lots of exciting things I have yet to explore in this framework.

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Arandi López

Something I love from Vue is that you can write code in vanilla javascript, or with CoffeeScript, typescript (this is a mistake already) or like React with JSX.

You don't need a ritual to get started with Vuejs (in angular you need node, typescript and 1 lt of virgins blood)

Keep going with Vue. It is amazing

bgadrian profile image
Adrian B.G.

I think this is the right pokemon for you, if you do not end up in a big project chances are they are using React universe or Vue (otherwise Angular). I hope VUE will gain more traction, the adoption rate is pretty low compared with the other giants, from what I saw.

robencom profile image

Thanks, Zorex.

I am also torn by the many MANY js frameworks!

I have seen tutorials about vue.js on Laracasts, but never paid any attention to them, because all I know that react and angular dominate the market right now.

But I'll give vue a try. Simple and East attract me too, since I am mainly PHP developer, so vue would be what it takes for me to dominate the frontend of my applications as well as the backend!

kayis profile image

Why do I get to this post when I navigate to ô,o

zorexsalvo profile image
Zorex Salvo

Don't know pal, bug maybe? ¯_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯

alex_escalante profile image
Alex Escalante

I understand the excitement if you compare it to Angular, but if you follow React, there's little to offer in advantage, I think… It's nice to have options! :)

zorexsalvo profile image
Zorex Salvo

Yay thanks man!

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Vikram Jaswal

Nice article. My suggestion to you will be to give vanilla JS ( also known as Javascript ) a try. It's worth knowing the language, irrespective of which framework you choose to work with.