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Publish a landing page on Github pages in 5 minutes!

Github pages make it super simple to publish your static webpages quickly. You need to follow the following steps which will not take more than 5 minutes and your webpage will be published live.

  1. Create a new repository on #Github. Keep the default settings. Give it a name i.e 'landing-page'.

  2. git clone{your_user_name}/landing-page on your local machine.

  3. Add your landing page files.

  4. Stage your files git add .

  5. Commit your files git commit -m "first commit".

  6. Create a new branch called gh-pages git checkout -b gh-pages

  7. Push your changes to #Github git push origin gh-pages

And your static landing page will be up and running on https://{your_username}

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Jekyll makes this stuff suuuuper easy. I really enjoy this suite of tools that Github has made readily available to anyone who wants their own personal/project page. Also, for going with a custom domain on one of these, I would recommend going with cloudflare as your DNS provider, as they have a plugin that does free email masking for your personal email to route any email from to Very nice way to execute a quick website for personal use or project use. I use this method myself along with cloudflare nameservers, and it is a treat. Everything's free except the yearly domain renewal fee.

Great article!

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Abdullah A Malik

Thank you Fisher for the suggestion! Appreciate it :)