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Some of my favourite fonts on Google Fonts

aadityasiva profile image Aadityasiva ・1 min read

Google Fonts is awesome it has a lot of beautiful fonts which are free and open source. Here are some of my favourites

Sans-serif fonts

  1. Roboto
  2. Poppins
  3. Open Sans
  4. Plex
  5. Ubuntu
  6. Inter

Serif fonts

  1. Roboto Slab
  2. Merriwether
  3. Playfair Display

Handwriting fonts

  1. Dancing Script
  2. Pacifico
  3. Sacramento

Monospace fonts

  1. Roboto Mono
  2. Ubuntu Mono
  3. Source Code Pro

What are your favourite fonts leave them down in the discussion.

Discussion (4)

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Rithik Samanthula

I like Lobster for cursive font.

I like Zen Dots for techno font.

I also like Bangers

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Nicolas Torres

Fira Code is on Google Fonts too :D
Asap is a solid Sans.

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