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Launching the Learning Python course!

Hi all! I am launching a brand new blog series for self learning python. Learn python from the scratch! Have fun while learning Python in an easy way.
This course is for everyone from beginner to advanced. For that, it is designed in three levels- basic, Intermediate and advanced. Here are the topics covered-

A) Basic-
1) Variables and operators
2) Loops and nested loops
3) Lists, tuples and dictionaries
4) String functions

B) Intermediate-
1) User defined functions
2) Numeric and Mathematical Modules
3) GUI and design
4) File handling in Python
5) OOP techniques

c) Advanced-
1) MySql
2) Database connectivity
3) Form designing
4) Interesting Projects

Hope to hear from you all in the comments below!

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ahlam profile image

Love it, I'm down for it since I been doing my little self study on the side but It would be lovely to have a structured course👏🏿

arvindpdmn profile image
Arvind Padmanabhan

GUI is not important for a general audience. It's a pity courses like this don't give importance to testing. Cover unit testing with unittest, pytest, nose, etc.

aatmaj profile image

Thanks for the advice! I will definitely cover that as a supplement to the course....