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Learning Python- Intermediate course: Day 16, Summary of the week

This week we completed the 'numeric and mathematical modules' by covering three modules, namely Statistics decimal and fraction

Summary of the week

  • Day 13, The Statistics Module In this part, only a single sample program was given, which showed various statistical functions with comments explaining what they did. You will find a more detailed and comprehensive explaination at the official documentation

  • Day 14, Introduction to the Decimal module The Decimal module is a way by which faster and accurate floating point arithmetic can be achieved. We can avoid Python errors like 0.1+0.2+0.3-0.7=-0.09999999999999987 by using this module. The decimal module is a very vast module, and only a small gist of it was given in this part. You might like to visit this link for learning about more functions or check out the official documentation

  • Day 15, Complete guide to the fractions module The fractions module is a inbuilt module in Python which is very useful when we have to deal with floating point numbers. The fr.Fraction() converts a floating number into a fraction object, making it easier to comprehend. In this part, many commented pieces of code examples were provided for getting a full grasp of the subject. Operating on fractions is just like operating on real numbers, and we can use the mathematical operators to calculate them in a very easy way.
    We also looked at some useful methods in the module.

Not all would require to get the most out of these modules, hence you may feel free to skip these parts. I have tried to give just a brief summary of the modules, especially the decimal module without diving too deep into the details. The documentation of the modules is also very precise and clear, hence rather than explaining facts in depth, I have tried to speeding things up. By covering only the important parts which are more likely to be used, the course aims to cover a gist of the modules in least time possible.

Thank you ! That was all for this week πŸ‘ Meet you next Tuesday 🀠

Python GUI from next week🀩

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