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Learning Python- Intermediate course: Day 28, Summary of the week

Summary of the week

Day 25 We covered the entry, button and the text widget. The button widget is a simple button which executes a action when clicked on. button=tk.Button(form,text="Press Me",command=cmd) The entry widget is a widget which accepts a single line input (text) from the user. entry = tk.Entry(parent). The value of the text can be obtained using the get() function. Textboxes are just the same as entry widgets, the only difference is that we can add multiple lines to it. Just replace 'Entry' by 'Text' and you are done! Using the height and width attributes, we can set the number of input characters in each line. for the textbox. text=TB1.get(1.0, "end-1c") returns the value of the text.

Day 26 We practiced the widgets learnt in the previous part by building a password management application. The application consists of two entry widgets and one button widget. In order to hide the password, we can use the show() attribute of the entry widget. TB1=tk.Entry(form,width = 20,show="*") This hides the passwords in the widget.

Day 27 We learnt about the keypress event. The keypress event is run when the user presses a key on the entry widget. In this part, we made a spyware application to scan the keys typed into the entry widget. Be sure to check the program later.

Epilogue- We all know that neither me nor you have ever seen each other. Learning in remote environment is a difficult, and teaching is perhaps even more difficult. Teaching is never a one-way process. When a teacher teaches with pattern, he/she expects that the student must respond back. Either with doubts, remarks or nods of approval.
But friends, being remote, we cannot interact with each other. The only way we can connect is through the comments below. So I urge everyone to comment on the posts. Currently I am in doubt whether you all are understanding me or not. Should I speed up the pace or maybe explain more clearly? I am not getting any feedback from you. Any doubts, discussions, remarks or even a simple hi from you is a great source of motivation for me. So I look forward to your comments below...😊

For those who have not yet made account in, you can have a free easy sign-up using your mail or GitHub accounts. I would suggest the budding developers to create your GitHub free account right away. You would require to register sooner or later anyways

Next day will begin from TuesdayπŸ“…

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