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How I built a URL Shortener?

abhishekraj272 profile image Abhishek Raj Updated on ・1 min read

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Recently, I launched my Anonymous URL Shortening service with really awesome analytics.

In this blog, I will be talking about how I created this wonderful service.

I have used many URL Shortening service but I saw every where I had to use my email address to short the URL if I wanted to see the analytics. I wanted to use some shortener where I didn't need to use my email address to watch the analytics as sometimes I didn't want to share my email.

I made the flow chart of the system design. I used React to create the frontend, as it is very easy to learn and then used Express in the backend.

Do checkout the service here -> and comment down your reviews.

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Abhishek Raj Author

This is the whole post!!

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Kamal Hossain

Working very fast. Nice work.

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Abhishek Raj Author

Thanks for the feedback Kamal.
Would also love to have feedback on the analytics :)