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Deno installation and VScode setup

Deno is a run time of JavaScript and TypeScript. It's created by the same person who created NodeJS -- Ryan Dahl.
Recently They have published the stable version of Deno 1.0.0

We also created a Facebook group for Developers:
Deno Developers Bangladesh

Deno Installation

macOS and Linux:
curl -fsSL | sh
Using Homebrew: brew install deno

iwr -useb | iex

Now Try to run deno --version in your terminal, if don't works then you might need to add the path on your OS.
For More Installation options Click Here

Visual Studio Code Setup

  1. Create a project directory, Let's say hello-deno is the name of the directory/folder.
  2. Now create a index.ts file and .vscode directory, in the root directory.
  3. Install the Deno extension for vscode. Which is created by axetroy.
  4. Create a settings.json in .vscode directory.
  5. add { "deno.enable": true, } in settings.json file.
  6. console.log("Hello Universe...") in the index.ts file.
  7. On your terminal go to the project directory and run deno run index.ts

Note: Deno can compile both JavaScript and TypeScript. So, your file extension also can be .js

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Alexis Gallagher

These instructions are for the deprecated Deno extension from axetroy, not for the official VSCode extension from denoland.