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Internal Dev Team 🎭

It's been said that working for a large company with an internal team could be quite a high risk, I have been in this position in the past, working for a huge org with a < 10 Dev strong Dev team who where trying to form, at the same time, contractors from large well known agencies where really running the show, we where beholden to them but at the same time being told that this was our stack.

1 year after I sensed danger and left, the team was dismantled.

I wonder if an internal Dev team really works in this sort of context, can an org outgrow it's dev team, or attempt to form one to save money, only for it to fail in comparison to scale?

Have you ever been here, or seen it work, let me know 🙂

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Ben Halpern

So the questions around whether totally non-tech companies can work with a dev team within the company — where it's not the core competency?

I think it's the kind of thing that needs good, empathetic people to work. I recently recorded a DevDiscuss episode where we had a Meuseum of Modern Arts R&D lead on to talk about some of the thoroughly technical projects underway — and they sort of talked about the effective technical culture coming together bit by bit, and ultimately forming to be a great part of a fairly non-tech situation. They are not just building websites either, they are working with software for modern exhibits and really innovating.

To me, if it works out well, it could be awesome. I remember one time being approached about a dev job in Major League Baseball — and it kind of seems like fun!

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Adam Crockett

Meuseum of Modern Arts R&D lead on to talk about some of the thoroughly technical projects underway

I will have to listen to that, that's right up my street. I think the empathy goes both ways, the job I was hired for, they saw a guy who lost his business making websites, was pretty junior still but had potential. The lead hired me and I stayed for a long time.
He had so much empathy and kindness, that probably helped feed into working with product.

Oh man just an aside, I was a fine artist once and I gave it all up, maybe one day I can get into this amazing sounding world of arts and tech, who knows, thanks for the two cents Ben

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Adam Crockett

Worth mentioning, this usually only happens when a company sells products but also has a dedicated tech team. Has my experience taught me that it's better to be in an agency? I'm not sure 🤷‍♂️, culturally speaking probably not

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