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Peak 🏞️

Adam Crockett
I work at ForgeRock as Staff UI Engineer, I play with all sorts really. Lately WASM is my toy of interest.
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Is this a peak? Have I peaked? I'm not writing code at night much anymore, I'm not even thinking about open source projects I want to work on. I had 3 at one time all with great momentum and actually good ideas.

But I moved house and I have this garden, oh boy what a garden, what a house, so much to do, and then there's the little one he's a lot to handle and... Is my career over?

This is very odd, I'm not an engineer at the moment either, I'm a consultant. So it's not working out as I had planned 😸

What do you do when you feel like this, do you ever get over it?

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Vanessa Measom

Perhaps rather than a peak, you are just seeing life from a different perspective now? Perhaps the family life, the garden, is there for you to take a step back right now, experience new opportunities. Maybe you'll be sitting in your garden a few weeks from now and the most amazing idea will pop into your head and you'll find yourself spending an hour or two coding that night.

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Adam Crockett Author

I like that, that a nice viewpoint Vanessa