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Best YouTube/Twitch channels for web design/development?

Hi everyone! Do you watch or host any YouTube/Twitch channels about web design or development? I'd love to discover new ones and compile a quality list.

Look forward to hearing your recommendations. :)

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Bill Raymond

I have a little niche channel that focuses on work I do as an occasional developer, if you are interested. Most of my work contains things I couldn’t figure out anywhere else. I like to create videos that assume you know nothing about the topic and help you learn enough to get started.

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sidpalas • Edited

Not all development specific, but I made a video outlining "5 channels every devops engineer should subscribe to"


1) tutoriaLinux - foundational Linux skills (and more devops specific stuff recently)
2) Network Direction - networking
3) Coding garden with CJ -- full stack (long form streams)
4) Google Cloud Platform - GCP product info + tutorials
5) CNCF [Cloud Native Computing Foundation] --

Sorry for not formatting the links better (on mobile)

Oh... and shameless plug for my channel focused on DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure 😀(

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Brad traversy

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Mohamed Amine • Edited

George Hotz
yt :
twittch :
( if you want to a little bit bad about yourself , but learn new stuff )
EDIT : didn't see the "web design" part nvm

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Ahmed Gulab Khan

For me the list would be something like - Dev Ed, thenewboston, Traversy Media, The Net Ninja, Flux and Web Dev Simplified. Though without any specific ranking order 😊.

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CodingGarden is my favourite streamer. CJ is amazing lecturer and the community is great.

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Rachael Wright-Munn

If you're looking for awesome Twitch streams focused around development, there's a list already:

The Live Coders team has almost 200 affiliate/partner streamers that cover topics from cloud infrastructure to Docker to game design, including web development. -

Also, I work on my open-source rails app every Sunday at .

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Sanket Agarwal

My favorite channel with a lot of projects and a full 100 videos course on designing and development.
Must checkout once.

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Bobby Iliev

This channel is pretty cool for Laravel devs and not only:

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Mahmoud Abdelwahab

I just started a Youtube Channel and I do code/design stuff! check it out and let me know what you think

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In case you're after the soft topics around software development, do give a look at my channel :):

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Ankit Tanna

You can check EverydayJavascript

Good channel. Explains concepts very nicely.

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Hey 👋
I can highly recommend DesignCourse on YouTube for UI/UX, Graphic Design, Frontend- and also Backend Development.