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Adam Kiss
Adam Kiss

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It’s Okay to be An Average Developer

You do not have to code 13 hours a day.

You do not have to be up to date with the latest libraries and frameworks.

You do not have to write top libraries.

You do not have to build 3 side projects in parallel.

You do not have to be accepted at Facebook, Amazon, Google or your local hyped company.

You do not have to be a specialist in Frontend, Backend, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality whilst knowing your way through AWS, and oh, let’s not forget, also work on your Flutter and React Native side projects in the evenings!

You don’t have to, because…

Being Average may just be The Best for You

Employers are mostly searching for developers they can trust. For developers that can get their assigned tasks done in their own pace. For average developers.

Remember, there are very few people that are truly exceptional. These developers, well, you can see from a thousand miles. They quickly get up the ladder and are put into tech lead roles. A lot of responsibility. Stress. Long workings hours. Would you even want that if that’s not what you were born for?

The vast majority of us are average. We get our tasks done. We solve problems. And that, in most cases, is perfectly fine!

About Guilt

We all get that nasty feeling sometimes! Am I doing enough? Am I learning, building, hustling enough? Am I enough?

Do not feel guilty that you did not work on your side project on Saturday evening!

Do not feel guilty that you haven’t had the time to experiment with the latest frameworks!

It’s fine!

As long as you get your tasks done at your own pace, you should feel pretty darn good about yourself!

As long as you are conscious enough to know that you will always need to learn new things on some occasions, do not let the complicated and quickly changing world of programming overwhelm you.

Progress & Opportunities

Take everything in at your own pace.

Learn, experiment and build in your free time only when you feel like it.

Do not do it out of obligation, as this only puts more unnecessary stress on you and won’t get you anywhere.

Remember, most of the jobs are filled by average developers. You, me, the average Joe.

Learn, experiment and build only out of fun and passion!

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Ben Halpern
anonymous12345 profile image
anonymous • Edited

I always left guilty about not having multiple side projects. I enjoy my weekends not doing the coding. I really needed to hear this. Thanks for sharing :)

xtofl profile image

Reassuring advice, thank you! Very sure a lot of us need that.

adamkss profile image
Adam Kiss

Happy to hear this, thank you!!

ky1e_s profile image
Kyle Stephens • Edited

Not doing some or all of those things does not necessarily mean you are "average".

Don't confuse activity with productivity.

What one person can do it 6 hours, another takes 13 hours to accomplish.

1 day-job-related, professional project can be more stimulating/demanding than those 4, 5, 6 personal side projects.

etc. etc.

adamkss profile image
Adam Kiss

That's a really good point, Kyle, and this is exactly what I tried to convey though not sure if I succeeded, haha.

The message I would love people to understand from this text is that they don't have to feel bad for not doing some or all of the above things :)

seunoyebode profile image
'Seun Oyebode

As someone who lost his job in October mainly, for this reason, I find this comforting. Posts like this help a lot.

Tech spaces, like Nigeria, where I live, could be very harsh, companies are looking for devs who code every day including weekends, Tech Leads use such guys to shame the fellow who only does office job at work. It's pretty wild

The above article may not work for someone who needs to make ends meet urgently, if you're that person just bear in mind that. There are several ways to arrive at a destination.

Cheers <3

sozonome profile image
Agustinus Nathaniel • Edited

I love this! Not just as a developer, but also as a human being in life. It's really okay to be "average", everyone have their own pace, difficulties, challenges, and etc. But being average also does not mean to say no for growth / improvement. Stay open minded, aware of our own limits, and try to enjoy where we stand in.