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Give me a handshake so I can secure this connection?

  • "Would you add your number to my phone's global scope?".

  • "I don't know about you, but I always like to KISS on the first date" (Keep It Simple Stupid).


Are you a webpack config?
Because you're hard to understand but so worth it


are you a node module? because I always want to require you :)


Me: hey, we should go out sometime.

Them: (hesitating a bit)

Me: sudo we should go out sometime.

  • "Hey, excuse me, but I couldn't stop recursively looking at how beautiful you are."


  • "Everytime I try to count the things I like about you I run into an OutOfMemoryException."

"Everytime I try to count the things I like about you I run into an IndexOutOfBoundException."

I may be mistaken, but wouldn't that mean that you are expecting to find a value at a certain index but it is not there? Meaning, like, I thought I liked 10 things about you, but when I went to look it turned out it was only 7 or so.


Yeah, that's actually right... what I wanted to say was that there are even more things than I expected. How could I "refactor" that pick-up line?



I got a 404 in my chest.
You just took my heart away.

  • "You are the right type of I need in my life."
  • "If you give me the chance, you will never have to create another branch."

These are gonna be pretty cheesy but they made me chuckle:

  • Hey girl, my attraction for you got an OutOfMemoryException
  • You seem to be implementing my IdealGirlInterface.
  • Wanna concatenate tonight?

Are you an exception?
Because I always want to catch you.

K. Bye.


No buffer in the world is big enough to store my love for you


You are like a semicolon, without you everything falls apart


Do we really need to import react-router-dom to link up?

  • "No matter how many exceptions life puts between us, I know I will finally get to your 💓".

(Might not be grammatically correct)


My immutable love for you is coming from the single source of truth.


for (let me in you ){

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