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W3C TPAC 2021 archive, Cypress v9, Deno 1.16, React Router v6, and more | Front End News #043

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It has been a very quiet week in the web industry. Therefore I decided to bring to your attention the W3C Plenary Meeting (TPAC 2021). This is the annual conference of W3C, and we can now explore the archive of the breakout sessions. We also have a few notable updates with Cypress v9, Deno 1.16, React Router v6, and more.

W3C TPAC 2021 Sessions

The Technical Plenary meeting (TPAC) is the annual conference of W3C. During that week, many W3C Working and Interest Groups gather, network, and try to resolve challenging technical or social issues.

We can now explore the archive of breakout sessions for this year's edition. It contains minute transcripts, slides, and video recordings of the sessions. Here are just a few topics that caught my attention:

  • Web Components Community Group: Community-driven spec/API prioritization
  • The State of Web Monetization
  • Accessibility & CSS
  • Accessibility for Children
  • Project Fugu: Almost Three Years In… (note: this is the project that allowed Photoshop to have a web version)

I think this is a wonderful occasion to have a look at the way the modern web is built.

Software updates and releases

Wrapping things up

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Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe, and I will see you again next time!

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