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CSS Masonry specs, Caniuse partners with BrowserStack, and the npm public roadmap | Front End News #005

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Hello and welcome back! This week I'm most excited by the possibility of native CSS masonry layouts. Any move where a native CSS replaces JavaScript is a great one in my book. There are updates from MDN Web Docs, Caniuse partners with BrowserStack, and npm publishes their roadmap.

As usual, you can head over to the web version if you prefer reading this in your browser instead of your email client.

Specifications for native CSS masonry layouts

Soon we might not need JavaScript to create masonry layouts. The latest draft for the CSS Grid Layout Module Level 3 is drawing up the specs for native CSS integration of this layout. I am really looking forward to seeing this being supported in browsers.

Updates on the new platform for MDN Web Docs

Last week I talked about the new editorial policy for MDN Web Docs and the planned migration of the documentation platform. We now have more details about this transition from the current platform (code-named Kuma) to the new one (code-named Yari). A beta program will begin on November 2nd and you can join using the second link below.

Caniuse partners with BrowserStack announced a new partnership with BrowserStack, the renowned app and browser testing platform. This will allow developers to start testing a feature on a real browser or device immediately after checking the compatibility chart. And if you never used BrowserStack before, you will be able to get a special trial, with extended minutes per session.

Best built-in browser games

Last week Vivaldi joined the "browsers with built-in games" club with Vivaldia, the cyberpunk-inspired platformer. This inspired the people at GameSpew to put together a roundup of these games and the way you can access them. You now have a handy way to relax with a short gaming session, no matter what browser you are using. Have fun!

Npm makes its roadmap public

Npm enters a new stage with its recent update to version 7.0.0. The team made their roadmap available to everyone, in a new public repo. This comes together with a public feedback process, to allow the community to present their opinions and suggestions.

Browser news


An updated browser version doesn't mean just new features and additions. The upcoming Chrome 87 will also deprecate several things, chief among them being the removal of FTP URLs. Check the link below for the full list.


Microsoft is working on moving users quietly from Internet Explorer to Edge. If your system has both browsers installed, certain websites will no longer open in IE, but a new Edge window. Microsoft engineers are maintaining the list that currently contains over 1100 entries. You can find more details in the following article from ZDNet.

Software updates and Releases

This week also brings some important changes for well-known software packages. Deno has grown to v1.5, Next.js has reached version 10, and Node has moved the Long Term Support (LTS) version to v14.15.0.

Deno 1.5

GraphQL Editor 3.0

Next.js 10

Node v14.15.0 LTS

StandardJS v16.0.0

XRegExp 4.4.0

Wrapping things up

That's it for this week. Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe and I will see you next time!

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