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Better Web Vitals with Lighthouse, why is Babel running out of money, Web Almanac needs authors, and presenting CanIEmail

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Addy Osmani is showing us how to get the best of Lighthouse to optimize for the Web Vitals. The Babel team is showing us a glimpse of how open-source software is financed and what challenges they are facing. The Web Almanac needs authors and contributors. And I'm presenting CanIEmail, a great tool to find what features each email client supports. We also have some major software releases with Angular 12, Deno 1.10, TypeScript 4.3 RC, and more.

Optimizing Web Vitals using Lighthouse

I've mentioned a lot of content related to Web Vitals recently. And there's a good reason for that, as Google plans to start using these metrics in their search ranking algorithm.

So today I'm bringing you an official guide, written by the man, Addy Osmani, himself. It covers useful topics, like how to measure the Web Vitals, how to identify what can be improved, and even how to improve the performance of third-party dependencies.

Babel is used by millions, so why are we running out of money?

Financing open-source development has long been a debated topic. The Babel team is disclosing what happens behind the scenes for one of the most used pieces of software.

Web Almanac needs authors

The Web Almanac still needs authors (and other contributors) for some of the planned chapters: localization, CMS, privacy, and a few more. This can be your chance to contribute to open-source software by creating content.


CanIEmail is a website inspired by Like its counterpart, it highlights the support for various features in the email clients used today or in the past. I'm talking about HTML tags and attributes, CSS properties, and image formats.

Browser news


Polypane is 2-years old, and it celebrates this anniversary with the update to version 6. It features Chromium 91, an overview for the Web Vitals, simulation for astigmatism, and many bug fixes and improvements.

Software updates and Releases

Wrapping things up

Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe, and I will see you next time!

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