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New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4, CSS-Tricks joins DigitalOcean, Angular v13.3.0, Deno 1.20, and more | Front End News #056

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This week is time for MacOS and iOS users to receive updates to their browsers. Safari 15.4 brings a lot of awesome updates, including lazy loading, the dialog element, CSS Cascade Layers, and CSS Containment, to name just a few. CSS-Tricks is joining the DigitalOcean family. And the updates of the week include Angular v13.3.0, Deno 1.20, and more.

New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4

Safari 15.4 is a major update for the main WebKit browser. It brings features long-awaited by the developer community. Here are the highlights:

  • HTML: lazy loading using the loading attribute
  • HTML: the dialog element and the ::backdrop pseudo-element
  • CSS: first browser to implement the :has() pseudo-class
  • CSS Cascade Layers
  • CSS Containment
  • CSS Large, Small, and Dynamic Viewport units
  • JavaScript: findLast(), findLastIndex(), and at() methods

There is, of course, a lot more than that (it would require 15 pages to print the entire article). I invite you to check the official release notes linked below.

CSS-Tricks is joining DigitalOcean!

Since 2007 CSS-Tricks has been one of the go-to places for info on how to build websites. Chris Coyier and his team built an amazing resource and community. But things grew beyond their capability to manage. That's where DigitalOcean comes on the scene.

CSS-Tricks is joining DigitalOcean, as part of their ongoing project to provide better knowledge for developers. Both Chris Coyier and Digital Ocean made announcements on this topic (linked below). And if you think about having your articles published here, this transition has already increased the payments they make for content.

Thank you, Chris, for helping countless developers, and good luck with your projects!

Software updates and releases

Wrapping things up

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Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe, spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, and I will see you again next time!

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