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State of JS 2022 Results, Interop 2022 update, Chrome 109, Edge 109, Safari 16.2, TypeScript 4.6, and more | Front End News #088

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In this edition, we explore the results of the 2022 State of JS survey. We get an update on the progress done with Interop 2022 and a glimpse of the plans for the future of the initiative.

In browser news, we have the December roundup, the release of Chrome 109, Edge 109, Safari 16.2, and a pair of updates to Safari Technology Preview. On the release radar, we find, among other entries, Angular 15.1, Axios v1.0, SvelteKit 1.0, and TypeScript 4.6. Last, but not least, we have a handful of utilities and a large set of AI-generated faces to use in your projects.

State of JS 2022 Results

State of JS unveiled the results of the 2022 edition. Established frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue have matured, and developers are more aware of all trade-offs and rough edges they have. Svelte, Solid, and Qwik lead the wave of innovations into better performance. And the MVP of the edition is Vite, who got the awards for "most adopted technology", "highest retention", and "highest interest".

Interop 2022: end of year update

Interop 2022 is over, and the results are great for both developers and users. At the end of 2022, all major browsers have implemented Cascade Layers, the dialog element, and the extended set of viewport units. Chrome and Edge continue working on implementing CSS Subgrid. And all browser vendors are hard at work on the Color4 feature set.

Browser news

December 2022 brought us Firefox 108 and Safari 16.2, and the release of many other features, such as trigonometric CSS functions, last baseline for flexbox and grid, and more.


Chrome 109 rolled out on January 10. It brings the Origin Private File System API for Android users, support for new CSS properties, MathML Core support, and more.

Chrome 110 will mark a change in the release schedule. Some users will receive the update a week earlier - an "early stable" release. This will allow better monitoring of the release before it affects too many people.


Edge 109 rolled out as well. You can now link a personal Microsoft account with an Azure Active Directory one. There are updates to the TLS server certificate verification procedure. And the text prediction has been tweaked too.


Safari 16.2 was the last major release of 2022. It brings new font features, last-baseline for flexbox and grid, and many fixes and polishes.

We also got the release notes for Safari 16.3 Beta. So far, this update fixes even more existing issues.

Rounding up the WebKit section are the latest two updates (160 and 161) to Safari Technology Preview. They will bring support for media queries level 4, width and height content attributes to <model>, experimental support for WebCodecs AV1, and more.

Software updates and releases

Front End Resources

There's more where that came from. Explore the rest of the Front End Resource collection.

Wrapping things up

This concludes the first issue for 2023. Going forward I am changing the schedule for the newsletter, from a weekly release to one every two weeks. There are a few reasons for this. First, I want more time to spend with my family. Second, there are some updates I want to do to the website. Last but not least, I want to kickstart another project that I've kept on the back burner for too long.

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