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Cover image for New updates and releases: Firefox 90, Polypane 6.2, Deno 1.12, Node 16.5.0, V8 release v9.2, and more | Front End News #038

New updates and releases: Firefox 90, Polypane 6.2, Deno 1.12, Node 16.5.0, V8 release v9.2, and more | Front End News #038

Adrian Sandu
I am a UX Front-End Developer, consultant, creator and speaker currently living in Iasi, Romania.
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NOTE: This is issue #038 of my newsletter, which went live on Monday, July 19th. If you find this information useful and interesting and you want to receive future issues as they are published, ahead of everyone else, I invite you to join the subscriber list at

This issue is full of updates and releases. Firefox rolled out the update to version 90. Polypane released version 6.2. JavaScript runtimes get updates too: version 1.12 for Deno and 16.5.0 for NodeJS. The V8 engine got a new release too, as well as many other software packages. And I'm wrapping up this issue with an announcement, so please stay tuned till the end.

Browser news


Firefox users can now update their browser to version 90. Developers can now use the at() function in JavaScript, enhance classes with private fields and methods and use conic gradients in Canvas.

There are many quality-of-life improvements as well. Firefox can now update itself in the background automatically. "Print to PDF" now has working hyperlinks. FTP support has been removed, and SmartBlock version 2 helps to increase your privacy.


Polypane released version 6.2, and here are the highlights. Your HTML code is validated automatically in the Source panel, the Meta panel now displays info from your robots.txt file, and you can now switch easily between LTR and RTL modes. Last but not least, it includes integration with Toybox Systems, a third-party bug reporting tool.

Software updates and releases

Wrapping things up

I was planning to reach at least 40 issues in this season of Front End News before taking a break. However, life had other plans, and some personal matters require all my available time for the next few weeks. Once things settle down a bit, I can start implementing the next set of updates and features I have planned for this newsletter.

I want to thank you for being with me, week after week, for almost a year. Have a great and productive summer, keep yourselves safe, and I will see you in several weeks!

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