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Is React Native worth using for Mobile Development?

This video will be more a discussion in response to a recent video made by the TechLead. I wouldn't normally do this sort of video but I felt I had to say something. I quite like React Native and the community.

I hope you can leave some comments below about what you think in regards to App Development.

React Native is a mobile application development framework that allows you to create cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android. Recently there has been discussion about its future and if it should continue being used.

I've done this video to talk more about React Native in general development for small to medium businesses. About day to day use for people in startups and for those even trying to learn something new.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy of use for those coming from the web and use tags and javascript
  • Easier to get started if you know react, without having to relearn fundamentals
  • Less cost for development for Small to Medium Businesses
  • Code can be shared between the web and for mobile, especially for functions such as stores
  • One single team, one lot of documentations
  • Great community that is constantly trying to improve
  • More jobs available for those working in React Native

Hopefully, it clarifies why I believe its a good platform.

TechLeads Video: Why React Native is garbage.

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Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard • Edited

There are no silver bullets for building mobile apps.

So don't worry about whether React Native is THE CORRECT solution for building mobile apps IN GENERAL.

It's not, and nothing is. Not native programming. Not Flutter. Not NativeScript. Not Kotlin Multi Platform ....

Ask yourself instead if it's a GOOD ENOUGH option for YOU specifically given your particular context, skills and goals.

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Adrian Twarog

Oh I like this, yes.

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QServices Inc

React Native is no doubt the most trending platform for creating the amazing cross-platform applications for iOS/iPhone and android mobiles. Read my blog to get the reasons why react native is in trend for designing and developing mobile applications.

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Elijah Goh

YouTube is ultimately about views, nobody gonna watch if you sound like everybody.

That aside, I believe most apps could've been pure web/PWA until you have very specific native needs.