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Aemie Jariwala
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Use Github Real-Time Status to Improve Your Profile

On your personal portfolio or the secret feature of profile on Github, publicizing ( in other words, showing-off ) your GitHub real-time status will create an impact. Also, in addition, you can be proud of yourself or get the motivation to work more, it is a win-win for you itself.

What will be included in the real-time status?

Well, it will include the languages you mostly make use for, and other than that, showcase the number of stars on your repos, PR, and issue creation, and the number of open-source contributions will be displayed too. The open-source contribution is the best thing about Github, so you can start exploring Github to improve your status of course.

Below is my real-time status, I am proud of it but I am going to make it better. In addition to it, I have included in my Github Profile as well!

Aemie Real-Time Status

Want to create your own real-time status by using the API?

This amazing feature can be found through another public repo on Github. You can use their personal API however once the number of requests crosses a certain limit, it would stop working ( personal-experience ) so we will create our own domain to use this API so there will be a rare chance it would ever stop functioning.

Method to create a personal domain for using API

  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Create an account on vercel using your Github account. This will be the platform used to deploy the API and create a personal domain.
  3. Import the forked repo on vercel. Direct deployment link can be accessed as<github-username>%2Fgithub-readme-stats&c=1.

    Here, <github-username> is filled with your Github Username. My direct deployment link can be accessed from here.

  4. Once you have reached the page of Import repository as shown in step 3, the following box will appear:


    Click Continue to proceed to the next step!

  5. A dashboard will appear where you have to just add the Environment variable, name it as PAT_1 and its value can be generated from github. After this, just click deploy and your work is done and you can use your personal domain to use the API.

    Dashboard Domain

Demo Purpose

I am currently posting my link down here for demo purposes. Here, you can check the status of your profile by changing the username in the link & the language following the same change in username.

Give it a try amigos! It's good to show off sometimes.

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Anurag Hazra

Nice post! :D